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User experience is important. In the tutorial below, we’ll show you the typical user experience your customers will have.

Inviting your customers

Once you have created a ClassFit account, you can invite customers to join you through ClassFit. You don’t need to do this, but it is a good way of communicating to your contact list that they will now need to make bookings through ClassFit. To learn more about how to invite your clients to join ClassFit, whether one by one or all at once please see our tutorial on this here.

If you invite your clients, they will receive an email inviting them to create their ClassFit account and join your classes. This email will have your name and your branding on it.

Creating a ClassFit account

Before your clients can join your clients, they need to create an account. This is so we can tell you who has joined each class, and manage their packages where appropriate. Your clients can create an account in several places:

  • ClassFit’s mobile apps
  • Your integrated calendar on your website.

Your customers simply need to fill out the short form then click Sign up.

Finding and joining your classes

There are several ways for your clients to find your classes. We recommend that you guide your customers in the following order

  1. Adding your calendar to your website
  2. Linking to your ClassFit profile page
  3.  Searching manually via or via our mobile applications

Adding your calendar to your website – If you have a website, we recommend integrating your own custom ClassFit calendar. It’s quick and simple, and will provide your customers with a really seamless user experience. They’ll never need to leave your website, and it will feel like you’ve had your own fancy custom booking software built just for you. You can see more on how to integrate your ClassFit calendar here.

Through your ClassFit profile – Your ClassFit profile is similar to a Facebook page. You can customize your own banner, profile picture and business information. And below this, you will have a list of only your classes, so your customers will never have to see any competing classes. You can share a link to your profile page simply by copying the URL at the top of the page and sharing it with your customers. For more on how to do this please see our tutorial here.

Whilst you will see your profile page from the admin view, with the ability to edit the page and classes, your clients will see it from the participant view shown below. From here they can just find the class that is right for them and click the Join Class button.

Favorites – Once your clients will login, the Favorites page comes up. Once they have joined your class, your studio is listed on their Favorites page. By clicking on your studio name or your profile picture, they will be directed to your profile page, where they can proceed in booking your classes.

Searching on or our mobile apps – As long as you list your class as “public” it will be listed on and our apps. This means that all ClassFit users will be able to see your classes. Whilst this is great, and may lead you gaining some new clients, this way of searching also means that your students may see other competing classes too. For this reason we would recommend the above options instead when directing your customers to your classes.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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