Client Profiles
and History

View and manage your clients’ individual profiles with
class attendance history, medical forms and more.

Full Visibility Into Your Clients and Business

Every customer name within your ClassFit account is hyperlinked and will take you to their individual customer profile which shows you a complete overview of their history with your business. 

All of your customers are also searchable via your ‘Contacts’ page which holds a complete list of any contacts that you have uploaded or that have attended your classes while you have been using ClassFit.

You can view any client’s attendance history for your classes – including any no-shows or cancellations as well as stored information like their medical form, should you need to access it. There is also an auto-save ‘notes’ section where you can type in any notes that you would like to remember for that specific client. This is only visible to you and your customers won’t be able to see any of this information.

Manage Your Customers' Accounts Easily

You can also manage the memberships and class packs for individual clients on their profile pages. Whilst your customers have their own profile pages that they can view, the client profile that you can view is only accessible from your organizer account. 

From this view, you can manually add class packs and memberships to their account as well as editing any existing class bundles that they may have. If for example, your client gets injured or if you take a break from offering classes, then you can pause any memberships or class packs and then restart whenever is appropriate.

You can also add or take away any class credits from existing bundles should the situation require it, for example, if a client (with a class bundle) attends a class without booking ahead or if something occurs during a class that would require a ‘refund’ of that class credit.

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    FAQs for Client Profiles and History

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding client profiles and history

    How can I use client's profiles?

    Client profiles are there for you to keep track of individual clients, their histories and medical forms, along with any manual management that may be needed for their class packs or memberships. Every client that joins your classes (while you are using ClassFit) will automatically have a profile created and be added to your contact database. This profile page will only be visible to you. If you upload any of your existing contacts into ClassFit, then profiles will also be set up for them too.

    Can I manually manage my client's accounts?

    Even though all of your customers will have the ability to manage their own accounts through your integrated calendar or through, we know there are some instances where you will need to make adjustments to the account they hold with you. Through their individual client profile, you can manage any and all class packs or memberships that they hold with you. From here, you can cancel or pause any existing class bundles (for example, if a client gets injured or becomes pregnant and wishes to pause a recurring membership) along with adding or taking away individual class credits. 

    How can my clients manage their own accounts?

    Your clients will also be able to manage their own accounts through ClassFit. They have two ways to do this – if you have one of our booking calendars embedded into your website, then they will be able to log in there and view all of their class bundles and upcoming classes. They can also go to and log in there to view their account details. They won’t be able to add or take away class credits (without purchasing them) like you as the organizer can, but they will be able to cancel their own memberships, update their card details, and view their upcoming classes etc.

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