Fair and flexible pricing

We've done everything we can to keep our pricing fair and accessible to everyone.

  • 30 day free trial
  • No credit card required

Fair and Flexible Pricing

We've done everything we can to keep our pricing fair and accessible to everyone.

  • 30 day free trial
  • No credit card required

Fair Pricing for Any Business

Whether you're an individual, a small team, or a growing enterprise, we have a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Fair And Flexible Pricing For Everyone

2% Monthly revenue
  • Unlimited Classes

    Create as many classes, one to one services, videos as your business needs at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Bookings

    Take as many bookings as you like at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Packages

    Create as many packages as your business needs at no extra cost. These include class packsring memberships, courses and standing reservations. , recur

  • Unlimited Payments

    Take payments online via Stripe or offline outside of ClassFit.

  • Unlimited Tools

    Take advantage of all of our tools like waitlist management, intake forms, waivers, discount codes etc with no extra fees.

  • Best Price Guarantee

How It Works

Our fees are based on your revenue. We charge 2% of any revenue that is made through ClassFit with a minimum monthly fee of $30 per month, and a maximum monthly fee of $100 per month. 

It’s a little more complicated that the traditional bronze, silver and gold plans some other software providers offer, but it helps give smaller companies access to a full suite of features when they can’t afford a more expensive gold plan, and ensures that as you grow, you never pay more than $100 per month. 

“ClassFit has been amazing for my business! I love the pricing and the best part is if I have a question, I get a real response in a short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend ClassFit!!”

Erica Hoese She Is Fierce

"I highly recommend ClassFit for booking and payment services. Our members can book and pay with ease, and it's great value for money. ClassFit is always improving, and has responsive and helpful customer service."

Dean Monks-Pettigrew Lifestyle Monks

"I've tried more expensive booking software in the past and never found anything that fits my needs as well as ClassFit. It's super affordable and perfect for a small business like mine."

Hazel Cuevas Hazel Zumba Fitness

"ClassFit's pricing is fair and the platform is intuitive enough that even my mum can use it without issue! I’d happily recommend ClassFit to anyone looking for a flexible, affordable and reliable booking system."

Natasha Fehnle Tadasana Rooms

"ClassFit is great value for money and adding the branded calendar to my website was really easy with clear instructions. I would 100% recommend ClassFit - it's been a great experience."

Amy Waylett Shapes of Yoga

"I've reviewed lots of class booking systems and ClassFit is the best for features, user experience and value for money. I've been very happy with ClassFit since I started using it and I would definitely recommend it!"

Diane Searle We Move Fitness

"ClassFit has been a breath of fresh air - it's clean, easy to use and affordable. Any time I need help I get a quick response from a human. I'm so grateful something like ClassFit has finally come around."

Jessa Peterson Chapter Five Yoga

"I absolutely love ClassFit! It’s helped my business to grow and taken a huge admin burden off me. It’s great value for money and the teams are really responsive and always improving the platform and services!"

Charmaine Higgins Sangat Yoga

“I’ve loved using the ClassFit software for my yoga business over the last few years. It’s super easy to navigate and make changes and the team are so helpful and responsive with anything I have questions about”.

Bianka Brannigan Village Yoga Life

"ClassFit for me has been a god send! It’s so user friendly and the support given by the team has been brilliant. They respond super fast and make sure any question you have is fully answered. I highly recommend ClassFit!"

Laura Wilkin Reform with me

"We selected ClassFit to manage all facets of our new business and it has exceeded expectations. It's intuitive and easy to use with great customer support and does everything we need. Highly recommended!"

Stacey Valant SoulShine Pilates and Yoga

"ClassFit takes care of everything so I can focus on planning and teaching my yoga classes. It's an easy and efficient way for clients to book my classes which I can see on a few quick taps on my phone."

Hugo Maule Chepstow Iyengar Yoga

"I needed a straightforward system to list my classes and take payments. The ClassFit team have always been extremely helpful and responsive to me and my students. Many years later it's still serving me well!"

Martha Randall Martha Randall

Recommended by a friend, I've used ClassFit for years and am delighted with it. Their service is continually developing and offers much more than just class bookings and has truly helped my business's development."

Kalyani Verma Kalyani Yoga

I've been with ClassFit for 4 years and they're always quick to help when I need it. I'm a bit of a technophobe so ClassFit's speedy responses always give me peace of mind. Highly recommend.

Steve Doidge SDH Fitness

"ClassFit has been a game-changer for my Zumba business! It's user friendly so my clients can see all of their details, and it helps me stay organized and sets me apart in the fitness industry."

Alyssa De Guzman Energize Z Fitness

"The best thing a client has told me about ClassFit? - "I have to ask my husband to help me with just about every website I use. But I can sign up for one of your barre classes without any help from him!""

Stephanie Getman Gronholz Sandra's Studio Of Dance

"ClassFit has been so easy to use as a first time coach. It allows the athletes and parents to book, pay and sign the waiver prior to attending the session. And if it rains, it is easy to reschedule. So Awesome!"

Joel Ottaway Coastal Athletics

"ClassFit has definitely helped me build my class attendance. The app is intuitive so my yogis can classes really easily. And if I've ever had an issue, it's always been sorted the same day for me."

Kira Watkin Barefoot Yogini

"ClassFit is absolutely fantastic. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been searching for an app and this one is absolutely perfect, solving every business issue I had."

Jon Doherty Forged in Fitness

"Now that I use Classfit, it's like having my own PA. Bookings, waitlists, packages, intake forms all done and the list keeps going! Classfit has been my saviour."

Renee Paton Encore Pilates Fitness

"I've been massively impressed with ClassFit's capabilities. It's made it simple for our members to onboard with us, book and pay and has been a huge benefit to myself, my team, and the students we teach."

Ian Davies SO8 Muay Thai

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about pricing, the answers are probably below. If not you can contact us here

Yes, you can try ClassFit for free for 30 days without any minimum fee, or inserting your credit card details. 

No, we don't believe in that stuff. If we're not right for you for any reason you can leave at any time. 

Of course! At any time you can simply pause your account from within your settings and come back when you're ready. There's no fee for a paused account either. 

Sure thing - we know our pricing is a little unconventional!

If you make anything less than $1,500 per month through ClassFit your fee that month will be $30. If you make $2,000 you'll pay $40, at $3,000 you'll pay $60, and at $4,000 you'll pay $80 per month. Once you reach $5,000 or more you'll hit our maximum monthly fee of $100. 

No catch, we're just offering great value services at a low cost. We originally set out to be a more affordable booking solution than MindBody Online, Glofox etc, and we're sticking to our principles!

When Stripe take your payments they split it up and give ClassFit our 2%. If this is more than $30 in a calendar month then you don't have anything left to pay. If it's under $30 in a calendar month then we'll charge your card the remainder to get you up to your minimum charge of $30. 

We sure do. If you're a registered charity, and offering free classes to the public we'll set you up with a free account. Just email hello@classfit.com with the details and we'll take it from there. 

If you're taking online payments through Stripe, you'll need to pay them for your payment processing. The good news is Stripe are almost always the cheapest payment processor out there. You can find their pricing here

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  • No sales push
  • Takes as little as 20 minutes

At ClassFit, we believe in fair and flexible pricing that adapts to your business size and needs. With our class booking software, you can enjoy unlimited classes, bookings, packages, and payments with a straightforward 2% fee on monthly revenue, capped at a reasonable rate. It’s designed to grow with you, ensuring as your business flourishes, your costs remain manageable. Our pricing structure is built to be clear and easy to understand, making it possible for any fitness or wellness business to thrive without the worry of steep fees.