ClassFit enables you to organize your classes easily and quickly. Create new classes, take
payments and manage dropouts with just a few clicks.

Designed For Class Instructors And Organizers

Website Integration

We know how important it is to look professional so we have built ClassFit to seamlessly integrate into your website. Customers will be able to view your timetable, see real time availability and sign up there and then. No fuss and no barriers to you getting another customer.


Bookings And Waitlists

ClassFit enables you to set up your classes with just a few clicks. Specify all the details you want, including public or private classes, minimum and maximum class numbers etc. Once live, you can manage attendance and waitlists easily via your desktop or mobile app.


Electronic Payments

Opt to take electronic payments via ClassFit and dramatically reduce your admin and dropout rate. If you choose electronic payments, you can also take advantage of our ‘Refund if Replaced’ feature where customers can automatically receive a refund if their place is taken by another customer.


Refund If Replaced

‘Refund if Replaced’ allows you to offer refunds safe in the knowledge that your class attendance will be protected. This feature incentivizes users to drop out sooner rather later if they can no longer attend. If another customer replaces them, then they get a refund and you still get a full class.


Medical Forms

Make collecting health and medical information easy with our integrated health forms. Customize your forms with questions of your choice and then get automatically sent completed health forms via email. The result? Simplified medical forms for both you and your customers.


Key Benefits

ClassFit has a host of features designed specifically for class instructors. We’ve designed our tools to not only
help simplify your business but also grow your customer base.

Fewer Dropouts

Take payments electronically and utilize our ‘Refund if Replaced’ feature, dramatically reducing dropouts.

Professional Booking

Integrate ClassFit into your website, allowing customers to view your class schedule and book directly.

Fuller Classes

Keep your classes full by inviting your contacts to a class with just a few clicks, without ever leaving the ClassFit platform

Time Saving

ClassFit simplifies and speeds up your admin, automating weekly processes and tasks with just a few clicks.