Business Profile Page

With ClassFit, every account gets their own individual business profile page with your own personal class schedule.

Individual Profiles for Your Business

Every ClassFit account receives their own individual business profile (you can view an example here). You can customize your profile with your own logo, banner, business and contact information. You can also add a description of your business and ethos. 

Below your business information, we include your class schedule and timetable, where your customers can view and book all of your classes from their desktop or mobile device. Your profile page can act as an excellent, simple alternative to a website if required and can be directly linked to from your social media pages for easy access and booking.

An Alternative Way for Your Customers to Book

Your ClassFit profile page is a great way for your existing customers to directly book your classes. If you don’t have or want a website, this is a neat solution to professionally present your classes and business without hosting your own website – whilst still having all the scheduling functionality you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Your ClassFit profile lists all of your classes in one place along with your business branding and information. Your customers can view your timetable and book there and then. It’s also fully mobile responsive, so can act as an easy way for your customers to book your classes while on the go. 

Even if you do have a website, your ClassFit profile is a useful back-up if your website ever goes down or encounters problems – ensuring your customers can always access and book your classes no matter what.

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    FAQs for Business Profile Pages on ClassFit

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our business profile pages.

    What is the business profile page for?

    Your business profile page on ClassFit is similar to a business page on Facebook. It can be a great overview of what your business is about, and act like a simple one page website. You can custom brand it, add all of your business details, and list your class schedule, so you customers have an easy way to find and book the classes that are right for them. We provide a tutorial on how you can set this up here

    How can my clients find my business profile page?

    All of your classes will have a link to your business profile page, so your customers can find it naturally. You can also send out a link to your profile page, for example if you are advertising on social media websites and you don’t have a website with our booking calendar on it. You can see more on this here.

    Doe the business profile page work on mobile devices?

    Yes! Everything on ClassFit is fully mobile responsive. So whether you’re browsing on a huge desktop monitor, or a tiny mobile phone, your ClassFit web page will react and resize to fit your screen perfectly and allow your customers to book on whatever device they prefer.

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