Enhance Your Customers' Experience

With ClassFit software, your customers will easily be able to book and pay for their classes.

Easy and Simple Booking via Your Website

If you have a website, you can embed our booking calendar onto any page of your website (you can see an example of what this looks like here and here). By doing this, your customers won’t have to ever leave your website to reserve their space in your class or purchase a class bundle.

Not only does this look professional but it also massively reduces the likeliness of drop-offs through the booking process. Your customers will be able to sign up for an account, purchase class bundles (if you’ve set these up) and reserve their spot in your classes with just a few simple clicks.

No website? Your Customers Can Book via Your ClassFit Profile

If you don’t have a website, then your customers can also book via your ClassFit profile (you can see an example of a ClassFit profile here). Your ClassFit profile not only shows your class schedule but also your business information along with a profile and cover photo which you can customize.

Your customers can view, book and pay for your classes via your profile, just like they would with our integrated calendar option. Your personalized ClassFit profile offers a neat solution if you’d prefer not to have a website but still want one easy link to direct your customers to.

You can paste this link anywhere you wish – from emails to your Instagram account so you’ll always have an easy way for your customers to book.

Bosh Fitness

What Our Customers Say...

ClassFit is so much more visual and has a much better website integration than comparably priced booking engines that we looked at. The booking process for our clients is easy and encourages them to keep booking. We also love the speed and quality of the customer service if we ever need them – it means our business is never at a standstill.

Bosh Fitness, United Kingdom

Mobile Apps for Both Android and Apple iOS

We have dedicated mobile apps for both Android and Apple iOS, which your customers can download and use to book your classes. They’ll be able to sign up for an account, reserve their space in your classes and purchase class bundles all from within our mobile apps.

We’ve designed our apps to make managing their bookings easier than ever – as soon as they book a class, your business or studio will automatically be added to their ‘Favorites’ allowing them quick and easy access to your schedule for future bookings. They’ll be able to view your schedule and join your classes within seconds.

They’ll also be able to manage their bookings, view their own upcoming schedule and update their payment details all within one easy to use mobile interface. Best of all? There’s no extra cost for this service – just our regular industry leading low fees.

Mobile Friendly Options for Your Customers

ClassFit is fully mobile friendly for your customers so they’ll be able to book their place in your classes no matter what device they are using. There are three main ways to book via mobile:

1. Your website via the ClassFit integrated calendar. Our booking calendar is fully mobile optimized so as long as your website is mobile friendly, your customers will easily be able to book via their phones.

2. Your ClassFit profile. We’ve created all of ClassFit to be mobile friendly so they’ll be able to access and book via your profile on any mobile browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari etc.)

3. The ClassFit apps which are on available on both Android and Apple iOS. Our mobile apps are fully searchable with the ability for your clients to easily book and rebook classes, save favourites, view their schedules and more.

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    FAQs for ClassFit's Scheduling Software

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding about our scheduling software.

    What is the best way for my customers to book using ClassFit?

    The beauty of ClassFit’s booking software is that there is an option for everyone, regardless of whether you have a website or simply want a booking option to link to from your social media. Because of this, you’re free to choose the best option you think will work for your customers – or to go ahead and give them the choice. Your customers will be able to choose from booking via our embedded calendar on your website (if you have one), your ClassFit profile – via desktop or mobile browser, or via our mobile apps. 

    Is ClassFit easy to use for my customers?

    Yes! We designed ClassFit specifically for the fitness and wellness industry, with a great user experience being an absolute priority. After all, we know that happy customers equal a happy business owner. 

    All of the steps to creating an account, reserving places and paying for classes and class bundles are incredibly simple and intuitive. If your customers ever need support though, we’re here to help 7 days a week. Our customer support isn’t just for organizers and studio owners but also for our clients’ customers – ensuring a great user experience all around.

    Can my customers use all the different ways to book a class and change between them?

    Yes! Our booking software is multi-platform and works across desktop, mobile and our dedicated mobile apps. You don’t need to exclusively choose one way for your clients to book – your customers will have multiple options available to them, depending on their preference. If you have a website, your customers will be able to book through there via our embedded booking calendar widget or they can visit your ClassFit profile and book directly there. 

    For those who wish to download our mobile apps, they’ll also be able to seamlessly book and pay for your classes within seconds. We believe in making the process as easy as possible for your customers in order to maximize your revenue and ensure your business thrives.

    When my customers check out on my website, will it redirect them to ClassFit's website?

    No. Our goal at ClassFit is to promote your business front and centre so we’ve made booking via our integrated calendar widget as seamless as possible. Not only does this look more professional but it also dramatically reduces drop-off rates throughout the checkout process.

    Your customers will be able to view your calendar, reserve their space and pay for the individual class or class bundle without ever leaving your website. This ensures the most sales for you along with a seamless and user friendly experience for your customers.

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