Flexible Refund Policies

A variety of refund policies to suit your business including
our innovative ‘Refund if Replaced’ policy

Flexible Refund Policies to Suit Your Business

We know everyone has their own thoughts about what makes for a fair return policy so we’ve designed ClassFit to be flexible enough for everyone. You can choose whether you do or don’t offer refunds and if you do decide to offer them, under what terms.

If you choose to offer refunds for cancelled class places, you can facilitate this easily with our adaptable scheduling software. You can also opt to use our ‘Refund if Replaced’ functionality that will allow you to refund customers automatically if they cancel – but only if their place is taken by another customer.

You can set your refund policies up easily and quickly set when you create a class. You can then save these settings as a template and set your policy as standard for all classes – or adapt your refund policy for individual classes as you go along.

Our Unique 'Refund if Replaced' Feature

Unique to ClassFit is our ‘Refund if Replaced’ functionality, where you can opt to only offer refunds if your customer is replaced by another class participant. The ‘Refund if Replaced’ tool was developed after a lot of market research and interviews with countless frustrated class organizers.

We overwhelmingly found that instructors didn‘t want to discourage sign-ups by not offering refunds but at the same time, wanted to avoid losing money with last minute cancellations.

This feature allows you to refund customers who drop out, but only if they are replaced. This means your customers will be incentivized to drop out as soon as they think they can’t make it, increasing the likelihood of both a replacement and a refund.

Like everything with ClassFit though, our refund policies are fully flexible – so if you decide that ‘Refund if Replaced’ isn’t right for your business, then there are a host of other refund options within the platform to choose from.

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    FAQs for Flexible Refund Policies

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our flexible refund policies.

    What are my options for offering refunds for my classes?

    ClassFit offers three base types of refunds; no refunds, ‘Refund if Replaced’ and 100% refunds with a variety of time options, including 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours. The variety of options available allow you to determine the best route for your business and customers with enough flexibility to be fair to everyone.

    How do I choose the right refund policy?

    Choosing the right refund policy for your fitness or wellness classes comes down to personal preference as well as knowing your customers. Some customers are more price sensitive than others and some classes and times have higher cancellation rates than others. If you’re unsure which policy to use, you can test different policies on different classes and garner feedback. ClassFit is flexible enough to allow you to set a different policy for every class if you wanted to  – although we would recommend just settling on just one refund policy eventually to avoid confusion amongst your customers. Then once you gain this feedback you can settle on the right solution for your business.

    How does 'Refund if Replaced' work?

    We want your customers love you, whilst ensuring that your business and time are treated fairly. Unfortunately, most dropouts happen at the last minute, even when customers may know they are unlikely to attend much earlier. They sometimes don’t communicate this when there is no incentive to drop out sooner, hoping to still make it. However this places all of the financial risk on you. ‘Refund if Replaced’ is a fairer, more human approach to refunds.

    Our optional ‘Refund if Replaced’ feature really imitates the ‘no harm, no foul’ rule. It offers a more human approach to dealing with people, and helps to align everyone’s goal towards keeping your classes fuller. Once your class is full, a client who drops out will only receive a refund if they are replaced – putting the onus on them to drop out as soon as they think they won’t be able to attend, giving them the best chance of being replaced. It gives your booked customers a safety net, and your waitlist customers a better chance of attending your classes. Finally, it ensures that you are never left chasing a last minute replacement and that you are never left out of pocket.

    How will my clients be notified of my refund policy?

    Once you set your refund policy, it will be available to view under the details section of every class and we will ask every customer of yours to agree to your terms, including your waiver and refund policy before they confirm their attendance in your class. If you embed your calendar in your website using our calendar widget, your policy for each class will be visible under ‘View details’ within your calendar. If you opt to use your ClassFit profile page for bookings instead, then your refund policy will be visible under the class detail page within ClassFit.

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