Medical Forms
and Waivers

Protect your business and your customers with 
our online medical forms and waivers

Customizable Medical or Intake Forms

With ClassFit, you can take the entire intake form process online. When setting up each of your classes, you can opt whether to ask your clients to fill in a medical or intake form. You can choose from a set selection of questions covering everything from emergency contact names and phone numbers to high blood pressure, pregnancy and Covid-19 questions.

Simply select the questions that you’d like to include and your customized questionnaire will be presented to your customers during the checkout process. As soon as the questionnaire is filled in, this will be saved in their profile and you will be emailed a copy to keep on file.

For future classes that your customers join, their answers to the questionnaire will be prefilled to allow for quick and easy checkout. If you decide to add a question to the form at any time, your customers will just have to answer that extra question before completing checkout.

Protect Your Business with Online Waivers

Navigating the legal aspects of teaching fitness and wellness classes can be tricky, especially when considering online aspects as well. At ClassFit, we’ve simplified the whole process so that you can choose to have your customers fill in a medical or intake form and also add a custom waiver or terms and conditions which customers need to agree to before checking out.

You can easily add your terms and conditions in our ‘Tools’ section. Once saved, these are then automatically presented at checkout to your customers where they are asked to agree to both your ‘terms of use’ and your refund policy.

You can add or change your terms and conditions or waiver anytime that you choose and the update will then feed through automatically. Your clients will always see the most up to date information, keeping both you and them safe.

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    FAQs for Medical Forms, Intake Forms and Waivers

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our medical and intake forms and waivers.

    Can I customize my medical questionnaire / intake form?

    Yes, the ClassFit questionnaire can be as long or as short as you want. We have a list of all the common intake questions that are asked when a new client signs up to a new class and you can select as many (or as few!) of these as you would like. If you ever decide to add a question, your customers will then be asked to answer this question and confirm that their remaining answers are still true in order to fully protect your business.

    Can my customers update their medical questionnaires?

    Yes. Each time your customer signs up to a class they will see their medical questionnaire with their previous pre-filled answers. If nothing has changed they can simply click next, and if something has changed they can update the answer there. This ensures that your customer’s medical information is always up to date and that you are protected should anything happen. 

    Can I upload my own waiver or terms and conditions?

    Yes, you can upload your own waiver / terms and conditions within the ‘Tools’ section of ClassFit. Once you have the text you want to use, you can simply drop it in and save. This will then automatically pull through to your booking calendar. When your customers next join a class, they will need to check a box agreeing to these conditions before they confirm their attendance. We have provided a tutorial on how to do this here

    What is the difference between a waiver and a medical form?

    Your waiver, or terms and conditions are something that your clients will need to agree to if they are to join your classes. The medical questionnaire or intake form is an opportunity for you to ask questions about your customers before they join a class. This form will be stored on their profile page which you can find in your contact database. 

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