I’m having issues with my Zoom settings

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ClassFit creates Zoom meetings for you based on your Zoom account and meeting settings. Some customers have reached out to us and said that the meetings that ClassFit have created for them don’t quite match with their settings.

Zoom has several tiers of settings, and it might be that your account settings are overriding your meeting settings. For example, it might be that you require a passcode for your meetings, but the setting is not locked on an account level. If the passcode requirement setting is not locked on an account-level, the new meetings that you create may look correct, but requests made on your behalf by ClassFit or any other party may not.

In order to resolve this, you can lock their passcode requirements settings on their account, to ensure that meetings scheduled via ClassFit or any other third party automatically require a password. To do so, you need to click the Lock button from their Account Settings page as pictured below.

Note – Each Zoom account has several pages with settings such as your Profile Settings page, and your Account Settings page. It’s important to check each of these to make sure all settings are correct.

For more guidance on Zoom settings, please see Zoom’s knowledgebase pages below or contact Zoom support directly from within your Zoom account.

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