Why aren’t my classes showing up

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If you’re on this page, you’ve likely set up some classes and they are hidden, or are struggling to see them. We’ll guide you through the possible reasons and solutions for this below.

You may not have yet connected to Stripe

If you’ve created classes that require online payment through Stripe, they won’t be visible until you have connected to your Stripe account. This is to avoid potential customers trying to register for your classes and finding they can’t join. If this is the case, once you connect to your Stripe account all of your classes should appear.

To read more on how to connect to your Stripe account click here.

You may have created a “private class” by mistake

When creating a class, one of the options you are given is whether to make a class public or private. Private classes will only show to you as the organizer and to other users that you share the link with. If you are searching for this class in the participant view it will not be visible. If you want the class to be searchable and visible please edit the class and change it to “public”.

To read more on how to edit your classes click here.

You have listed the address incorrectly

Customer searches are usually based on their location. This means, if you are in New York, you won’t see classes in London unless you specifically search for them. This also means that if you have listed your class address incorrectly, it may not show up in your local customer’s search.  Make sure you add your address correctly. You can edit this in the free text field afterwards, if required.

The best way to check that your class location is mapped correctly is to check that the map on the class details page is correct.

You have reached your Zoom limit for the day

Zoom has a limitation of 100 actions per day. When you create, edit or delete a set of classes, this will often quickly exceed your 100 action daily limit. For example, if you create a zoom based class, this is 1 action. But if you recur it 35 times, we will create 35 Zoom meetings for you, which is 35 actions. Then if you edit the name of this set, we will need to edit all 35 Zoom meetings, taking your actions to 70, then if you cancel the set we will need to delete 35 Zoom meetings which will take your total Zoom actions to over 100 for that day.

During this period, before the Zoom meetings are created and linked to your classes, we will keep your classes hidden to avoid anyone joining a class and not being able to access the Zoom link. Once the Zoom meeting has been created, we will link this to your class and make the class visible. This is Zoom’s limit so unfortunately we can’t circumvent it. However we will make the process as easy for you as possible by queueing the remaining actions,  and carrying them out for you on the following day when you limit is lifted by Zoom.

If you are finding that some of your Zoom classes are showing, and others aren’t, please give it 24 hours to see if more are created, then if they are still not being created, reach out to us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Still having trouble?

If you’ve checked all of the common fixes above, and still can’t see your classes – contact us at hello@classfit.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

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