Transitioning customers to the new system

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Once you switch to ClassFit, getting you set up is easy. Here are some ways on how to start with the transition:

  1. Adding customers to contact database – If you are joining ClassFit, you may also wish to add a preexisting client list. If you have a large number of clients to add to your contact database, you may prefer the bulk upload function. You may click on this link for a more detailed instruction.
  2. Add customers to classes they are already booked onto – When your clients have already booked themselves into your classes, there may be a need to manually add them to the classes during the transition. You may refer to this as your guide.
  3. Add packages to customers and edit accordingly – After you add your preexisting client list, we can add the packages that existed in their accounts and edit them as how many are remaining. Here is a simple step by step instruction.

Once they sign up, everything will be ready for them.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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