Creating class packages

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It’s easy to set up a non-recurring package, or a recurring package through ClassFit. In the below article we’ll show you how.

Creating class packages

Once you’re logged in to our website, go to Class Packages, then Create a Package. When creating your class package ClassFit provides several options to customize your class package to your business needs.

  • Class package name – This is what your customers will see when purchasing the package.
  • Class package type –  There are four options:
    • Class pack – This is a single class package or class pack. Once it expires it will not renew automatically.
    • Recurring membership– This is a membership which will renew automatically, based on the timings you set. At each renewal period it will charge your client and give them a new set of credits.
    • Course – This is linked to specific classes. Once your client enrolls to the course, they will be automatically signed up to the linked classes.
    • Standing reservation – This is a recurring membership linked to specific classes. When a client enrolls, they will automatically be signed up to the classes and will renew automatically until cancelled.
  • Number of classes in the package – This is how many classes will be assigned to the package
  • Days before the package expires– If you have selected a one off class package, you can choose an expiry date. This will be the number of days after purchase that the class package will expire.
  • Recur period – If you have selected a recurring membership you can make it recur either weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, or yearly.
  • Currency – We will provide you with the currency options based on your account location
  • Package includes all classes – Yes / No
  • First time clients only – If you want to offer a special discount for first time customers, you can do so by checking the “First time clients only?” box. We will then only allow each account holder to purchase this once. Tip; you can create a class pack with one class if you want to offer a discount for the first class only.
  • Which classes are included in the package

Once you’ve customized your package, click Create Package.

Now your page will refresh and there will be a notification that your package was added successfully. If you need to edit or delete your packages, you can go to Edit Package. This will not affect any customers who have previously purchased one of these packages.

How customers purchase packages

If you take online payments, your customers will checkout online when they register for one of your classes. At this stage, they will be given the option to purchase the class at the pay as you go rate set by you, or to purchase a package if you have created them, and they are relevant.In addition to this, you can also add a package widget to your website, so your clients can purchase them without having to register for a class first.

Deleting packages

From the class package, click on Edit Package. Then scroll down to find the packages you wish to delete in the the table. Then click “Delete” in the right hand column. A popup will appear asking you to confirm you are ready to delete this package. Customers who already have this package will not be impacted, however it will stop new customers purchasing this package in the future. If you want more information on how to edit packages which clients have already purchases please see this link for further information – Adding and editing client specific packages.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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