How to check which classes I’ve booked into

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When you register for a class there are a a few ways of confirming that this was successful. We’ll show you how in this article below

Confirmation emails

When you register for a class, ClassFit will send you a confirmation email. Sometimes this can get stuck in your junk or spam folder, so please check there too. If it does get marked as spam, we recommend that you mark us as a safe sender to avoid this happening again. We have included an example of what a confirmation email looks like below.

Checking in the app

Whichever version of the ClassFit app you are using, you can check which classes you are registered for in the same way. Once you’ve logged into your chosen ClassFit app, make sure that you have the Participant view selected. For more on this see this article.

Once you have confirmed you are in the Participant view, click on My Classes on navigation bar and you will be taken to the page you see below. This page will show you all of the classes that you are booked into.

Checking in your studio’s integrated calendar

If you prefer to use your studio’s integrated calendar, you can click on My Account as pictured below.

Once you’ve entered your account in the calendar, please click on Schedule, to see your list of upcoming classes. If you are registered for any classes you will see them listed below. You can even withdraw from the classes here, subject to your studio’s drop-out policy.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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