Make your classes recur

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Once you’ve created your classes, you may want to make them recur. Recurring classes will allow you to create your schedule for just one week, and then ClassFit will recreate them for you each week after that.

Making your class recur

Once you create your class, you will be asked if this is for a single class only or you want this to recur.

Select the days of the week you would like this class to recur. All classes will recur at the same time as the original. Then select the period for which you would like these classes to recur.  This can be indefinitely or you can enter a custom date.
ClassFit will create your recurring classes automatically 2 months in advance. If you have chosen a longer recur period than 2 months, ClassFit will continue creating new classes 2 months ahead of each class date.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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