Why did a membership stop / not recur

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There are three reasons that a recurring membership should stop, or not recur. We have outlined these below:

  1. The client has cancelled their membership
  2. The business has cancelled or paused the membership
  3. We were unable to take payment for the membership renewal.

If we are unable to take payment for a renewal, we will email both the business and the client to make them aware of the situation. The most likely reasons for this are insufficient funds, a card has passed its expiry date, or the card issuer has withheld funds pending client confirmation that the transaction is legitimate. The membership will remain live for an additional 24 hours, during which time the client has time to correct any issues. After the 24 hours has passed, we will attempt to take payment for a second and final time. If we are unsuccessful again, we will cancel the membership. Once the client has rectified these payment problems, they can purchase another membership.

If you need any further help with this, please email hello@classfit.com.

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