Booking a service

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Once you’ve created your services, booking a service is super simple. Your clients can do it through your calendar, and you can also book people in too. We’ll talk you through both options below.

Client bookings

Your clients can book your services from your calendar either on your website, or on your ClassFit profile page (as below). All they need to do is click on the Services tab on your calendar, and then click Book on the service they want.

After this they can select the instructor they’d like to book the service with.

Then they can select the date and time based on your availability (as below).

Finally they can pay for the service, and then they’ll be all booked in. Once booked both you and your client will receive a confirmation email about the booking. It will also be added onto your dashboard in the week ahead section, as well as the calendar in My Classes.

Manually booking in your clients

You can also manually book in your clients if you wish to. You do this by clicking Book on the service you’ve created.

Then you will see a small form, where you can choose who you want to book into the service, as well as the timings. Remember that if you take a manual booking you will need to collect payment from the client manually too.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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