Why is some text, or a button missing from my calendar widget?

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ClassFit lets you custom brand your calendar widget. You can choose your own colors so your calendar is a perfect fit for your website. You can read more on how to do this here.

Because of this freedom to choose your own colors, it is possible to choose white text on a white background which may appear invisible at first glance. However as shown below, the text is actually there.

If you have this “invisible text problem”, simply go to Tools, and click on Calendar Integration. Once you are on this page, locate the color you have selected as white (FFFFFF). Change this to a darker color which will be visible on a white background.

Then click next at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve done this a new page will load showing your your calendar with your new color settings which will automatically be updated on your website too. You can also keep changing the colors until you are happy with them.

If you need any further help with this, please email hello@classfit.com.

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