How recurring memberships work

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In this article we’ll explain a little more about recurring memberships.

The differences between class packs and recurring memberships

A class pack is a one time purchase. It will contain a specific number of class credits, and will last for a certain number of days after the purchase date. Both of these parameters are set by the studio and can be changed at any time. Once all classes are used, or the class pack has expired, it can’t be used again. A class pack also cannot be used to book classes beyond it’s own expiry date.

A recurring membership, whether weekly or monthly is an ongoing, automatic membership. Once it is purchased, it will automatically renew every 7 (weekly) or 30 (monthly) days. The customer will be automatically charged for the membership, and will automatically receive new class credits in their account. Because the assumption of a membership is that it will renew, customers with memberships can register for classes ahead of their renewal date.

Cancelling a membership

If you want to cancel an existing membership, make sure you are in attendee view, then navigate to your profile page.

Towards the bottom of your profile you will see your existing membership(s). If you want to cancel this membership click on the Cancel button. You will still have access to your remaining class credits until your renewal period, however your membership will not automatically renew.

Pausing a membership

Customers can’t pause memberships, however studios can. If you need to pause your membership, for example due to an injury, please contact your studio to discuss this further.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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