How to use free trials to expand your fitness and wellness business

The fitness industry is beginning to boom again. However it can still be challenging to find new members when there is so much competition around you. Don’t let this discourage you though, because there are always ways to find new customers. One tried and tested way to attract new members and grow your business is […]

Why You need a Marketing Calendar For Your Fitness Or Wellness Gym in 2022

Every business needs to market itself to grow its customer base. You’re budding with ideas and visions on how you want your wellness or fitness business to grow. This is a great start, but we need to put these ideas into practice. Take the example of a workout plan. Sticking to a healthy achievable workout […]

How to Create and Enforce the Perfect Cancellation Policy in 5 Easy Steps

Every class instructor, studio or gym will have experienced clients dropping out of their classes. Some clients will do this days in advance, and have legitimate reasons, while others may drop out at the last minute, because a last minute offer to go for drinks with friends came up, or they simply didn’t feel like […]

5 Fitness Introductory Offers to Try

Are you thinking about starting a new fitness routine but not sure where to begin? One way to get your feet wet is to take advantage of an introductory offer. Many fitness studios and gyms offer special deals to new customers, allowing you to try out different types of workouts and see what you like […]

Maximizing Revenue for Your Yoga Studio: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing Strategies and Class Booking Software

Pricing your yoga classes is a critical aspect of your business that requires careful consideration. To set the optimal price for your classes, it’s essential to take into account several key factors, including location, overheads, class length, instructor experience, and competition. Below, we explore each of these factors in more detail. Location The location of […]

11 Ways to Use Class Booking Software to Keep Your Studio’s Customers Coming Back

As a studio owner, you know that retaining customers is essential for the success of your business. While attracting new customers is important, it’s often more cost-effective to focus on retaining your current customer base. However, with the cost of living on the rise, it can be challenging to keep your customers coming back for […]

Using ClassFit to Improve Your Fitness Studio Pricing

As a fitness studio owner, pricing can be a challenging aspect of your business. You want to attract as many clients as possible, but you also need to make sure you are covering your costs and turning a profit. In this article, we will go over the key factors to consider when determining your pricing […]

10 Tips for Starting Your Fitness Or Wellness Business

Starting a business is always a challenge. So we’re going to provide you with a list of things to make sure that you and your business have the best chance of success. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re thinking about starting a business. Starting a new business from scratch provides […]