My Zoom classes show on ClassFit, but my Zoom meetings don’t show in Zoom

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Zoom’s 100 action per day limit

Zoom has a limitation of 100 actions per day. Actions include creating, editing or deleting a Zoom meeting. When you are working with recurring sets, you can quickly exceed the Zoom’s daily limit of 100 actions. For example,

  • if you create a zoom based class, this is 1 action. (Total 1 action)
  • If you recur it twice per week for 6 months, this could be 50 actions (Total 50 actions)
  • If you then make an edit to the title, we will update the title of 50 meetings for you (total 100 actions)
  • You have now reached your daily limit of 100 Zoom actions so they won’t allow you to create, edit or cancel any more meetings until the following day.

Queuing Zoom actions

If you try to create, edit or cancel any further classes on the same day, Zoom won’t allow it. However, ClassFit will allow you to continue within ClassFit, and we will queue all Zoom actions for the following day when Zoom lift your limit, and allow you to start creating, editing and cancelling your Zoom meetings again. This allows you to complete your admin with ClassFit in one session, knowing ClassFit will update things in your Zoom account as soon as they lift your limits.

Before Zoom lift their limit

Before Zoom lift their limits, you may find yourself with Zoom classes in ClassFit, and no Zoom meetings in Zoom. As the organizer you will be able to see these classes, but we will hide them from your customers, until there is a real Zoom meeting attached. This stops customers potentially registering for a Zoom class with no Zoom meeting attached, and receiving a confirmation email with no Zoom link. Once Zoom have lifted your limit, we will create these meetings for you and link them with your ClassFit Classes. Once this is done, your classes will become visible to your clients and they will be able to register as normal.

If you are finding that some of your Zoom classes are showing, and others aren’t, please give it 24 hours to see if more are created, then if they are still not being created, reach out to us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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