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Studio Scheduling Software for Yoga & Pilates

Easily manage every element of your studio with ClassFit. Create and edit classes, add instructors and locations, and offer automatic waitlists for any full classes. The ClassFit calendar integrates seamlessly into your website, so your customers never have to leave your website to book.

Looking to grow your studio? Our analytics suite allows you to understand your business in real time, highlighting your most popular classes as well as breaking down individual teacher performance. All of this in an easy to use, beautiful interface.

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What Our Customers Say...

I love that ClassFit is uncomplicated and extremely easy to use. The very simple check in system means little time is needed on reception duties, which allows myself and my teachers to focus on teaching classes rather than admin, which after all is the most important thing!

Soul Seed Yoga, Australia

Seamless Branding That Puts Your Studio First

ClassFit is fully customizable to your branding – ensuring that your business is front and centre. You can customize your calendar colors to perfectly match your brand, and integrate this calendar into any page on your website. You can see an example of our booking calendar here.

Further to this, you can upload you logo and website details to have all of your customer-facing emails sent with your branding and from your business. All your clients will see is a cohesive, professional look, fully branded with your business identity.

Our calendar integrates in a completely mobile-friendly way. If you require a mobile app that is completely dedicated to your business we can offer mobile apps that are specific to your classes, clients and branding.

Flexible, Fair Pricing for Your Studio

ClassFit’s pricing is flexible; so it will ebb and flow with your business. We don’t believe in locking you into a contract – we hope that our software is good enough that you’ll want to stay, rather than us needing to force you. There are also no set-up costs and we’ll happily take care of your integration and customer migration for free.

We simply charge 2% of transactions taken through the platform, which we cap at $100 USD/ $130 AUD/ £80 GBP or equivalent – so you’ll never pay more than this on any given month. Or, if you would prefer to take offline payments, we charge a flat $15 USD/ £12 GBP/ $120 AUD, or equivalent per month.  Fair and flexible is always our motto.

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    FAQs for Yoga and Pilates Studio Scheduling Software

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding about our studio software.

    Why use ClassFit for your yoga and pilates studio?

    ClassFit was custom built for the yoga and pilates industry – with all of the fit-for-purpose features that you might expect. You can manage and add both teachers and locations (if you have more than one). For day-to-day management of your classes, we offer waitlist functionality, online waivers, medical forms and individual client profile management with full purchase and attendance history. View your business performance through our analytics dashboard and download your weekly or monthly reports. Despite our wealth of features, ClassFit is both easy and intuitive to use and we can have you up and running in as little as 24 hours. 

    How do ClassFit's fees compare to other studio software providers in the market?

    NB. We are currently waiving all fees to help our clients navigate the uncertainty around Covid-19.

    We’ve designed ClassFit’s pricing to be the most competitive on the market. ClassFit offers an incredible wealth of features but without the high-end pricing of MindBody or GloFlox. There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign and it is totally free to sign up, with complimentary integration and training services.

    Our fees are a simple 2% commission on any electronic payments – which we cap at $100 USD / $130 AUD / £80 GBP, so you’ll never pay more than this – even in an incredibly busy month. Our pricing is designed to ebb and flow with your business so you will benefit from even lower fees when you have a quiet period. And to show how much we care about our community, we have waived all ClassFit fees during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    How will ClassFit support my studio?

    ClassFit offers support for your studio 7 days a week. We have clients based all over the world, and our support runs across several timezones. We are known for our rapid response times and we commit to responding to any queries within 12 hours, and usually much sooner. We offer a full set-up service for free, including customer migration if you are switching from a different platform and calendar/ pricing integration into your website. You can also take advantage of our free personalized demos and tutorials for both you and your team so you’ll have complete confidence in your ability to make the most out of ClassFit.

    How customizable is ClassFit for my yoga or pilates studio?

    ClassFit has been designed to put your business first – so we’ve enabled you to customize any customer-facing elements to perfectly reflect your brand. You’ll be able to adjust the colors of both our booking calendar widget and our pricing widget and then embed them directly into any pages on your website. You can also upload your logo and website so that any emails that your customers receive will reflect your business branding and logo for a totally seamless, and incredibly professional result.

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