Streaming Online Classes with Zoom

ClassFit integrates with Zoom, enabling you to offer live streaming classes to your customers – anytime, anywhere.

Easy Online Streaming for your Classes

ClassFit is an official Zoom partner, which enables you to easily create and stream your classes live to your customers.

Our Zoom integration is simple to use and effective, allowing you to reduce your scheduling admin time whilst ensuring a technical solution that allows you to maintain your connection to your customers – all online! 

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Simple Automated Scheduling

To stream your online classes, you’ll need both a Zoom and a ClassFit account. Because ClassFit is a part of Zoom’s App Marketplace, you will then be able to link your two accounts in just a couple of minutes (you can view a simple tutorial on how to do this here). 

From here, you’ll be able to cut your admin time in half – every time you schedule an online streaming class with ClassFit, we will automatically create a Zoom meeting with the same corresponding date and time for you, within your Zoom account. When your customers book your class, they’ll receive an email with a Zoom meeting link where they can then join from.

Your customers will also be able to join from wherever they signed up from, whether that’s via a ClassFit booking calendar on your website or via your ClassFit profile. For more information on how your clients can join your online classes, you can view our knowledge base article here.

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    FAQs for online yoga, pilates and fitness class streaming

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding online class streaming.

    Does ClassFit integrate with Zoom?

    Yes – ClassFit is part of Zoom’s app marketplace. You will still need to set up your own Zoom account, however once you have both a Zoom and ClassFit account, you can easily connect them within ClassFit. This means that every time you schedule an online class through ClassFit, a Zoom meeting will automatically be created for you as well. When a client joins one of your online classes, they will automatically be sent an email with the confirmation and the Zoom meeting link, for easy access.

    Does ClassFit's online streaming software work for any type of class?

    Yes. We have partnered with Zoom to bring you a seamless integration that allows you to stream your classes online. This works for any type of activity from yoga to pilates to general fitness activities. By connecting your Zoom account, ClassFit will create and manage your online classes for you allowing you to focus on teaching your class, without any of the admin headaches of sending out individual Zoom meeting links.  

    How can I manage waivers with online classes?

    You can manage your waivers easily for your online streaming classes with ClassFit. Waivers can typically take two forms – either a medical form/ questionnaire which your customers will have to complete before joining a class, or your terms & conditions, which your clients must agree to before joining your class. ClassFit offers solutions for both, giving you the option to ask your clients to fill out a medical questionnaire (all electronically). For terms and conditions, you can easily upload these to ClassFit, which we then ask your customers to agree to before joining your online streaming classes.

    How much does it cost to stream my online classes?

    To stream your online classes, you’ll need both a Zoom and a ClassFit account. Zoom offers various pricing models which you can view on their website here. There are no set-up costs to use ClassFit, however we charge a small commission for any electronic payments taken. You can read more about ClassFit’s pricing here.

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