Class Packs and

Encourage loyalty and lock in revenue by offering class
packs and recurring memberships

Lock In Revenue with Class Bundles

Utilize our class packs and memberships to help lock in revenue, grow your business and increase customer loyalty. Offering a class pack or recurring memberships often allows your customers to get better value for money and encourages them to commit to your classes in the long term.

We offer two main ways to create ‘class bundles’ – and both can be set up within minutes. Class packs include a set number of classes for a set price with an expiry date that you can specify. Once your customers uses all their classes or the class pack expires, they can purchase another. 

A membership is a recurring option that your clients can sign up to which is ongoing until they cancel. It can include a set number of classes or unlimited and can be set up as a weekly recurring or a 30 day recurring membership.

Your Class Bundles on Your Website

There is no limit to how many class packs and memberships you can offer. Once you’ve set up at least one class pack or membership, you can easily embed your class bundles onto any page of your website using a quick and simple pricing widget. You can view an example of our pricing widget here.

It’s just two lines of code that can be embedded in minutes – however if you need any help, we’re happy to take care of this for you. You can email and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Once installed, your customers will then be able to purchase your class packs and memberships without ever leaving your website. Plus, if you embed our booking calendar widget into your website then your customers will also be prompted to choose whether they would like to purchase a class pack or membership or to opt for the ‘pay as you go’ instead during checkout, allowing you to up-sell more classes at the point of purchase.

Easily Manage Your Clients' Class Bundles

Most class packs or memberships are self-managing and your clients will be able to make any edits or cancellations by logging into their account, either on your calendar widget within your website or through If you do need to edit anything yourself, then you can simply head to their profile in your contact database.

Here you’ll be able to manually add a membership or class pack, add or take away individual classes, or pause or cancel a membership – if for example, they injure themselves or if you need to temporarily pause classes. Class bundles work for both in person and online streaming classes so you’ll have a wealth of options to offer your customers, whatever the format of your classes.

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    FAQs for Class Packs and Memberships

    Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding class packs and memberships

    What is the difference between class packs, class bundles and memberships?

    Class bundles is the blanket term we use to describe ‘class packs’ and ‘memberships’. Some people also call these class passes. The difference between class packs and memberships is that class packs are a ‘one-off’ purchase which then expire once the class credits are used or when the expiry date passes. A membership is a recurring option that can be set to recur either weekly or monthly. These can be either for a set number of classes (i.e. 20 classes per month, every month) or unlimited classes for either a week or a month. This option recurs every 7 or 30 days and will continue to renew and charge your customers until they or you cancel.

    How can I sell class packs and memberships via my website?

    You can embed a pricing widget onto any page on your website that will showcase your different class pack and membership options. You can see an example of this here and here. Your clients will be able to purchase these options without ever having to leave your website. If you opt to embed our booking calendar into your website as well, then your clients will also be asked during checkout if they would like to purchase one of your class bundles (whilst being shown the various options) or if they would prefer to ‘pay as you go’.

    How can using class packs and memberships help grow my business?

    Class packs and memberships are one of the best ways to encourage customer loyalty. They are popular with customers because they often present better value than purchasing ‘pay as you go’ and they are great for you, as the business owner, because they encourage upfront commitment and locks in revenue there and then. 

    Can I offer a free trial to my customers?

    Yes. You can create a free class pack which each client can only purchase once. This can have any number of classes, and expire after any amount of time you choose. Or if you prefer, you can create a 100% discount code for your customers to allow them to join for free this way too. 

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