Welcome to the ClassFit blog!

We’re thrilled to be launching the ClassFit blog! This has been in the works for a while now and we’re excited to bring you all kinds of great content that will hopefully add some value and offer some insight.

We’ll mainly be focusing on two types of posts here – the first being product updates with our scheduling software, whether that is new feature releases or roadmaps for what’s coming up. We’re constantly building new features and these are all determined by the feedback that we get from our clients, so transparency about where we are and where we’re going is hugely important to us. We’re excited to have an outlet to share these developments!

The second type of post will aim to offer trend reports, business and marketing advice to our clients – or anyone out there looking to improve their business and gain new clients. This might cover everything from tried and tested ways to market your fitness or wellness business to the best lighting set-ups for your Zoom classes.

If there’s anything specific that you’d like to see us cover, then feel free to drop us a note at hello@classfit.com (we’re friendly and responsive!) or leave us a comment on this post J

The ClassFit team

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