Medical Forms

We understand that you need to ask your clients about their medical history. We make it easier
for you to ask the right questions, and then to store the information you receive back easily.
Easy To Customize
Easily customize your questionnaire by selecting which questions are appropriate for you from our database.
Easy To Track
Whenever a client completes a questionnaire we will email the results to you, keeping everything hassle-free.
Easy For Users
Once a client answers a question, their answer will be autocompleted in future, with a confirmation check before submitting.

Medical Form That Are Right For You

We understand that you have a duty, and sometimes a legal obligation to check the health of your clients. We also know that doing this and keeping track of the paperwork involved is neither fun nor easy.

When setting up your classes on ClassFit you can specify that new clients must fill out a medical questionnaire before joining. You can choose the questions from our large collection, making sure that everything asked is relevant to your class.

This is easy to set up, and you can even opt to be alerted if clients highlight certain issues. If necessary you can even mandate that clients with certain conditions will be unable to join classes, and suggest other more suitable classes to them.

Helping You Keep Track of Your Paperwork

We understand that you care about your clients and that ensuring they are treated in the right way is important to you. We also understand that admin was probably the last thing on your mind when you decided to start running classes. ClassFit will make it easier for you to care for your clients, without having to worry about all of the admin involved

Once you’ve set up your customized medical questionnaire, each new client will have to take it before joining your class for the first time. Once your client has completed the questionnaire, the results will be sent to you via email. You can include alerts to ensure that you are made aware of any “red flags” too. From then, every questionnaire will be searchable and stored permanently and safely within your email inbox.

Making Life Easy For Your Clients

Your clients will usually understand why they need to fill in a medical or health questionnaire, but they wont enjoy doing it. We’ve worked to make sure that this task is as quick and easy for your clients as possible whilst ensuring you get the information you need.

When your client answers a question, we store this answer and make sure they aren’t asked it again. Then, when they fill in a new questionnaire, they will be asked to fill in the answers to all new previously unanswered questions. Finally, they will be asked to confirm that the answers to previously asked questions are still accurate. Our software strikes the balance between saving each of your clients time, and making sure that the information we provide you is accurate and up to date.

As with all of ClassFit, our online health or medical questionnaires have been designed to simplify your business whilst providing a seamless experience for your customer.