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Adding your calendar to your WordPress website

Last updated on July 4th, 2020

If you have a website, your might want to add a custom branded calendar to it. The ClassFit calendar will allow your clients to book and pay for all classes from within your website. And you can custom brand it so it’s colors will perfectly match your business branding. If you have a different website type, please see the below links for further guidance. 

Video walkthrough
This video will guide you through how to add your ClassFit calendar with your WordPress website.

Customizing your calendar

Once you’re logged in to our website, click on Tools, then on Calendar Integration.
On this page you can select your brand colors, upload your brand logo and insert your website URL. Start by selecting your brand colors, you can do this by clicking on the color and using the color picker, or by inserting the hex codes if you know them. Then insert your website address and upload your brand logo. Once we have all of this we will use your branding on all customer facing emails that relate to your business, and create your custom branded calendar. 
After you’ve added your brand identity and clicked next, we’ll show you a preview of what your calendar will look like in your website. If it’s not perfect the first time, don’t worry, you can go back and keep tinkering with the colours until it is just right.

Once you’re happy with your calendar branding, you can add it to your website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see two lines of code. You will need to copy these lines of code onto the web page you want the calendar to appear. Where these lines go is slightly different depending on which type of website you have, so we will guide you through each website type below.


Adding your calendar to your WordPress website


Login to your WordPress account and navigate to the page that you’d like to add your calendar to and select the “text” tab.

Now copy the first line of code from ClassFit. 

Then paste the code into your web page in the position you would like it to appear. 

Once complete, return to ClassFit and copy the second line of code. 

Now paste this line of code at the very bottom of the page, after all the other text. 

Finally, click update on your WordPress page. 

Now your new customized ClassFit calendar should be appearing perfectly on your website.