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You can create discount codes for a variety of reasons. You want to run a general promotion to generate more business, offer concession pricing, or provide a friend with “mates rates”. Whatever your reason for needing a discount code, ClassFit has you covered.

Creating discount codes

From the Tools go to Discount codes. Then click Create a Discount Code. Once on the discount codes page, you can create and customize your discount codes.












We have included more information on each field below:

  • Coupon name – This is for your information only, to help you identify the coupon.
  • Code – This is the code that your customers will use at checkout in order to apply the discount. This is case-sensitive.
  • Type – You can choose between a percentage discount, or a fixed discount, such as 10% or $10 off the total price.
  • Discount – this is the amount you’d like to discount. For example, if you’d like to discount 10%, you would insert 10.
  • Products – You can customize your discount to apply to anything from a single class or package, through to everything. Check the boxes for the products you would like the discount to apply to.
  • Date start – This is the date which your discount code will work from. This is a great tool for planning ahead.
  • Date end – This is the date which your discount code will stop working.
  • Uses per coupon – If you want to limit the amount of times this coupon can be use, you can do this by inserting a number here. For example, if you want to limit an offer to the first 100 customers.
  • Uses per customer – If you want to limit the amount of times each customer can use this discount code, insert your number of choices here.
  • Status – Select enabled if you want this coupon to go live, and disabled if you would like to disable it.

Once you’ve customized your discount code as required, click the Create coupon button. The page will refresh and your new coupon / discount code is ready for use.

Editing or deleting discount codes

Once you’ve created your discount codes, you may want to edit or delete them later. You can do this by clicking on the View/Edit Discount Codes. The original form you used to create your discount code will reopen when you click Edit, allowing you to make any changes you’d like and save it. Simply click the Delete button to the right of any discount code you want to remove from your account.

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