Choosing when clients can make bookings

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Sometimes it’s important for a business to have rules around when clients can book their classes. This might because some clients are block booking too far ahead and making it hard for other clients to get a space. Or it might be because clients are booking right at the last minute and you need a little more notice. In either scenario, ClassFit has you covered.

First booking time – When creating or editing your classes, you will see a field called “How far ahead can clients book (days)”. The default is 60, so clients can book 60 days ahead of the class. However if you want to change this you can. For example if you don’t want clients to book more than 7 days ahead of the class, you would change this field to 7.

Last booking time – When creating or editing your classes you will see a field called “Last booking time (minutes)”. The default is -15, which means clients can book your class 15 minutes after the class has already started. However lets say you wanted clients to book no less than 60 minutes before the class start time, you would change this field to 60.

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