Can I get a refund if I drop out of a class?

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Sometimes plans change and you can no longer make a class that you have registered for. In this instance you are likely wondering if you can get a refund. In this article we’ll explain whether or not you can get a refund in different scenarios.

Finding your studio’s refund policy

When a studio or class organizer creates a class, they also create a refund policy. You can find the studio drop out policy within the class details on any platform you book on – examples pictured below.

Refund policy types

Studios can choose from the following refund policies:

  • No refunds
  • Refund if replaced
  • 100% refund if the student drops out before:
    • 48 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 6 hours
    • 3 hours
    • 1 hours

What about if the studio cancels the class?

If a studio cancels a class you will be automatically eligible for a 100% refund.

Refund process

If you drop out of a class, and you are eligible for a refund based on the studio’s policy, this refund will be processed automatically.

  • Paying with a membership or class pack: your class credit will be refunded to your account immediately.
  • Paying electronically: Your refund will be automatically processed, however it may take 3-5 days for Stripe to complete your refund.
  • Paying offline: If you have paid for a class outside of ClassFit, you will need to contact your studio to discuss refund options.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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