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How to Edit a Class Bundle

Last updated on July 28th, 2020 July 23, 2020

Making changes on your Class Bundle is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow the instructions below.

Making changes on an existing class bundle

Once you’re logged in to our website, go to the Tools page and click Class Bundles.

Editing bundles and memberships

From the class bundles page, scroll down to find the bundle you wish to edit in the the table. Then click “Edit” in the right hand column. 

 When changing your class bundle, ClassFit provide several options to customize your class bundle to your business needs.

  • Class bundle name – This is what your customers will see when purchasing the bundle.
  • Bundle type –  There are three options;
    • – Weekly recurring membership – This is a weekly membership. It will renew every seven days and your clients will be ch
    • – Monthly recurring membership – This is a monthly membership. It will renew every 30 days and your clients will be charged automatically. 
    • – One off class bundle – This is a single class bundle or class pack. Once it expires it will not renew automatically. 
  • How many classes do you want in your bundle – This is how many classes will be assigned to the bundle or membership. 
  • After how many days will your bundle expire – If you have selected a one off class bundle, you can choose an expiry date. This will be the number of days after purchase that the class bundle will expire. 
  • First time clients only – If you want to offer a special discount for first time customers, you can do so by checking the “First time clients only?” box. We will then only allow each account holder to purchase this once. Tip; you can create a class bundle with one class if you want to offer a discount for the first class only. 
  • Plan currency – We will provide you with the currency options based on your account location
  • Which classes are included in the bundle – You can choose which classes will be included in this bundle. This allows you to make bundles specific to class types, and also make sure that it doesn’t include more special options like workshops and retreats.
Editing your Class Bundle will not affect any customers who have previously purchased one of these bundles. 
 Once you’ve made changes your bundle or membership, click Save Changes. 
If you are having difficulty in making changes for your Class Bundles, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.