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Creating online classes

Last updated on June 1st, 2020

We are currently waiting for Zoom to add us to their App Marketplace. Once we have been added, we will be able to connect your ClassFit account and paid Zoom accounts together. Then when you create online classes via Zoom, we will create meetings for you in your Zoom account, and securely email your customers with the appropriate Zoom meeting URLs so they can join your classes easily. 

Until this time, we suggest the following workarounds. 

How to create ClassFit classes with online meetings. 

Create your class as if it were an in person class. You can see guidance on how to do that here. You must choose a real address from the selection, however once you have done this, we recommend you update the text box to “Online class via Zoom” or similar. 
Updating your customers with the online meeting URL

Until Zoom add us to their marketplace there are two options:

  1. Send an email to your customers manually with the meeting URL and password if appropriate.
  2. Edit the address in your ClassFit class to include your meeting URL. This will trigger an update email to all customers who have registered for this class with the updated information. For security reasons, do not include any password details in this box. We also recommend you do this 30 minutes before the class starts as our emails are sent out every 15 minutes.
We will update all customers as soon as we are approved to the Zoom App Marketplace and we have a cleaner solution. We appreciate your patience.