How to check how many classes are left in a class pack or membership

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We understand that you need visibility of how many classes are left in a class pack or membership. Both the client, and the business can see this information.

Checking from the organizer view

From the organizer view, you should navigate to your contacts database, and then select the name of the client in question to navigate to their individual contact page as below.

On the individual contact page you will be able to see, and edit, the number of classes remaining in the client’s class packs and memberships as below.

Checking from the participant view

From the participant view, you should navigate to your profile by hovering over your profile picture (top right) and clicking My profile.

Once on your profile page, scroll down and you will see a list of any active memberships and class packs. This will include all details such as remaining classes. You can also cancel any recurring memberships from here too.

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