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Most clients don’t need to activate offline payments. In this tutorial we will advise on whether or not this plan is right for you, and then if it is we will guide you on how to activate it.

Who doesn’t need to activate offline payments

Most of our customers don’t require this plan. If all of your classes require online payment through ClassFit at the point of booking, you won’t require this plan. In addition, if you offer classes which are genuinely free to anyone who wants to join we will activate this plan on your account for free. Examples of people who do this include:

  • Charitable organisations or non-profits who offer free classes to their communities.
  • Businesses who offer a mix of paid and free classes.

Please note in both scenarios it is important that any member of the public should be able to join these classes. If you think you fit this criteria please email us with further details. Once we have confirmed that you do meet this criteria we will activate offline payments on your account for free.

Who needs to activate offline payments

If you offer any classes require payment outside of ClassFit, or require any membership or association with any form of company you will be required to activate offline payments. Examples of users who are required to activate offline payments include users who:

  • Offer paid classes through ClassFit, but require payment for these classes outside of ClassFit. For example organizers who use ClassFit for class registration, but take cash on attendance.
  • Offer free classes, but require membership or an affiliation with an organisation in order to join their classes. For example, gyms and clubs who take monthly membership fees outside of ClassFit, or companies who offer free classes, but only for their employees.

How to activate offline payments

If you haven’t yet added your card details you can do this in the Payment Card Details portion. Please see our tutorial on this here for more information.

Now go to the section Offline Payment Plan and click on the dropdown. Choose Enable offline payments. Then click Save.

If you need any further help with this, please email

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