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We’ve created a feature called auto-enroll to help your clients with a fixed routine sign up for a set of classes all in one go. This could be great if you offer bookings by the term, or your clients have a weekly appointment that a customer always attends. Once you’ve set this package with auto-enroll up, anyone who purchases it will automatically be registered for all classes that are linked to it.

Creating a package with auto-enroll

Once you’re logged in to our website, go to the Class Packages.

You can create your class package in the normal way (with more guidance on that here). The new field you will see is “Auto-enroll”. If you click “No” then your package will be a regular package where your clients will have their credits, but they will need to manually sign up for the classes which they want to attend. This is great if your package is intended to be flexible. However if you want your clients with this package to automatically be registered to all classes linked to this package, click “Yes”.

Creating term bookings with auto-enroll

This could be great if you teach by the term. Create your package, making sure you select “Class Pack” under Class package type as below:

Then you fix the parameters of the term by selecting an appropriate expiry date, and by selecting which classes you want any client who purchases this package to be automatically enrolled into. Note, the expiry date will start from the date of purchase, so if your clients are likely to book well in advance, you might be best to create a set of classes that are specific to this term and link this package to those.

Creating standing reservations with auto-enroll

This could be great if you have regular customers who always attend the same classes at the same times. Let’s say you have a client who always attends your class each Thursday at 6pm. He never misses a class and would much rather opt out when he can’t make it, rather than opt in every week. To help this client out you can create an recurring membership (as below) with auto-enroll enabled.

Make sure to link this package to only the class which your client will be attending, in this example, your class which which is on Thursday’s at 6pm. Once your client purchases this package, he will be automatically enrolled into all relevant classes as long as he has it.

What if I don’t want everyone to see this package?

You might only want to offer these packages to regular customers, and not want every customer to see them. If this is the case, you can edit the status of the package to “Legacy”. If you change a package status to legacy, any customers who already have it will continue to be able to use and renew it, but no new customers will see it. You can also add legacy memberships to client’s account.

Booking timings

Your clients will be automatically enrolled into every class which has been created and linked to your package. When new classes are created and linked to your package they will be enrolled into those immediately too.

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